Classic Hits – what does it mean?

What it means in our area is not what it means in other places.

If you travel from coast to coast in the United States or Canada you will undoubtedly hear many stations billing themselves as “Classic Hits.”

You’ll hear music from the 1960’s days of the Beatles through the hits of the the 80’s.

We are a locally programmed station. We are not playing music provided by a music service, or a “canned” format from a national chain of stations. What you hear broadcast from our stations is unlike what you will hear anywhere else. Also, we are one of the few remaining radio stations with our studios on the main street and a window in which you can see our announcers at work.

We don’t pick and choose a couple of the biggest hits from an artist or band to play on the air – we strive to play them all. That’s why you can listen longer without hearing a song repeated, and why you’ll hear the biggest variety of music on the radio anywhere.

In the days of corporate radio and radio stations changing hands at a staggering rate, we remain an original. Give us a listen and you’ll find out why.