Pratt Family Dealerships: Hitting a Home Run for Calais Youth Sports!

Here in Calais, Maine, we all know Pratt on Route One South as the place to go for Chevrolets, GMCs, Chryslers, Dodges, and Jeeps. But this year, Pratt is hitting a home run for a different reason: their incredible support for our town’s young athletes!
New Uniforms for All!
That’s right! Pratt has generously donated brand-new uniforms for all the Calais Little League Baseball and Softball teams. This fantastic donation ensures that every young player gets to take the field looking sharp and feeling confident. Imagine the excitement of a brand new uniform, a symbol of teamwork and dedication to the sport.
A Long History of Supporting Youth Sports
Pratt’s commitment to our community’s youth goes far beyond this year’s donation. Since 1996, they’ve been a major supporter of youth sports programs, not just in Calais, but in the surrounding areas as well. This dedication spans over two decades, showcasing a true commitment to fostering a love of sports in young people.
Beyond Calais
While Calais gets to brag about the brand new uniforms this year, Pratt’s generosity extends far beyond our town limits. They are also major sponsors for the Machias Little League, Millinocket Little League, and Baileyville Youth Baseball. Thanks to Pratt, countless young athletes across Washington County have the opportunity to participate in organized sports.
The Importance of Youth Sports
Youth sports programs offer so much more than just a game. They teach valuable life lessons like teamwork, sportsmanship, and perseverance. They also promote healthy habits and provide a positive outlet for young people’s energy. Pratt Auto Group understands this impact, and their donations ensure these opportunities are available to all.
A Big Thank You to Pratt Auto Group
On behalf of all the young athletes, parents, and coaches in Calais, Machias, Millinocket, and Baileyville, a huge thank you to Pratt Auto Group! Their generosity allows our children to experience the joy of sports and all the positive lessons that come along with it. This is a true homerun for our communities!
Looking for a New Car?
While you’re celebrating Pratt’s support for youth sports, don’t forget that they’re also your one-stop shop for all your automotive needs. With their wide selection of vehicles and commitment to customer service, Pratt is sure to hit a home run for you too!