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Freedom Walk In Eastport - Sep. 11, 2013

EASTPORT, Maine - (WQDY NEWS) Since 2005, Eastport has marked the anniversary of the September 11th attacks with a Freedom Walk, thanks to the efforts of Patti Craig.

Wednesday will be no different.

Craig tells WQDY NEWS, the walk begins at Shead High School at 6 p.m. From there, they'll walk to the city's downtown where they'll gather in front of the Fisherman statue.  

In case of rain, a brief ceremony will be held inside at Shead High School.

Memorial in front of the Fisherman's statue in Eastport-WQDY NEWS FILE PHOTO

The walk concludes at the Fisherman statue in downtown Eastport -- which has a sad connection to events of 9-11.

The statue was used in the FOX TV series "Murder In Small Town X" which was filmed in Eastport in 2001.

The 'investigator' who solved the mystery in that reality series was Angel Juarbe, Jr.

ABOVE: Program honoring Angel Juarbe, Jr.,from late Sept. 2001 in Eastport-WQDY NEWS COLLECTION

One week after the show's final episode aired, Firefighter Angel Juarbe, Jr., of Ladder 12 was one of 343 New York City firefighters to perish in the collapse of buildings at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.

Plaque on base of Fisherman statue in Eastport- WQDY NEWS PHOTO

Craig said it's important for people to never forget what happened on 9-11.

Story/pictures Tom McLaughlin WQDY-WALZ