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Calais Police Get Assist From Other Agencies, Neighbors, In Burglary Case - Jul. 29, 2014

CALAIS, Maine  (WQDY)  -- Help from area law enforcement agencies -- and neighbors helped Calais police make an arrest in a burglary over the weekend.

Police Chief David Randall told WQDY NEWS the call had come in just before 10 p.m. Saturday reporting "a possible armed robbery" at 20 Chapel Street in Milltown.

Officers arrived on scene to investigate and called in a State Police canine unit to help.

"Baileyville PD sent one of their guys down to help us out as well as the United States Border Patrol. As always, everybody pitched in to help us out  -- we're kind of shorthanded at this point," Randall said.

"The case was investigated and it appears maybe a firearm and several knives were taken from the location. As the information started coming in as the officers did their investigation, it turned out that it was a burglary, not a robbery."

A few hours later, officers arrested William Pope, Jr., 25, of Calais.

"[They] arrested him on a warrant and also charged him with the burglary. We're still investigating it but he may have been on his own. There was some rumors out there that there may have been two people involved."

"At this point, we've recovered the items and the case will be going to the District Attorney's Office for them to review and see where  we're going to go with it from there," Randall said.

The chief credited the other law enforcement agencies who assisted in the investigation as well as the neighbors "who were paying attention and heard things, and saw things helping the officers out."

"We've had issues in that neighborhood in the past, so all the nieghbors are really paying attention and when they saw something they reported it to the officers -- which actually helped us recover some of the property," said Randall.