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ACES Seek Volunteers For Game Day Team - Jul. 23, 2014

While most people in our region are more concerned with ice in their coolers than ice in a rink at this time of year, the County ACES Junior A Hockey Club is working hard to prepare for the opening faceoff of the 2014-2015 MHL season.

With a coaching staff in place and a roster taking shape, the ACES organization is now seeking to round out its lineup with the ACES Game Day Team. The club is looking for volunteers to fill a variety of positions to help make sure our home games are a great show on the ice and throughout the Quartermain Arena.

"It takes a lot of effort and a big team to make sure games are run smoothly and we're committed to providing a safe and fun atmosphere for our fans," said ACES President John Hyslop.

The ACES will be looking for everyone from ushers to anthem singers and they are encouraging anyone interested in helping out on game days to submit a resume or application telling us about yourself and what jobs you are interested in.

"We're going to need people young and old to perform jobs large and small so if you have any interest at all, major or minor, send us an application and we'll work to assemble a great ACES Game Day Team," Hyslop said.

For more information or to apply to be part of the ACES Game Day Team, please contact Mike Horne at or send us a private message through Facebook or Twitter.