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Firefighters Battle Blaze At City's Industrial Park - Jul. 14, 2014

CALAIS, Maine (WQDY) -- Firefighters from Calais, St. Stephen, Alexander and Baring fought a smoky fire at the city's industrial park Monday.

Calais Fire Chief Robert Posick told WQDY NEWS  a person walked into the fire station on North Street to report heavy black smoke in the area of the industrial park at around 10 a.m. 

"There was a burn permit issued for DiCenzo's [Monday]. What they had got out of hand. [It] was done in a way not according to the permit. We had a walk-in saying quite a lot of black smoke was coming from the area so we investigated and it turned out we needed to send our engine, our squad truck and Alexander's tanker, with the assistance of St. Stephen to have enough water to put out what was actually burning," Posick said.

Baring Fire department and the Calais Water Department also assisted.

The fire was in material in rail cars, Posick said.

"There was quite a bit of material in the rail cars. The [Maine] Forest Service is looking into the rest of it at this time," Posick added. 

ABOVE: Cleanup of equipment continues at Calais fire station after firefighters returned from blaze at the city's industrial park-Tom McLaughlin photo

It was already a hot day in Calais.

Add to that mix the fire itself, the humidity and the turnout gear firefighters must wear to safely do their job.
"The humidity and the heat -- they beat you up inside the gear and then you deal with the fire that's hot as well. It's important to have guidelines in place for rehabilitation and stick to those -- make sure your people don't go farther than their body can actually take them."

There were no injuries to the firefighters who were at the scene for about three hours.