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Remnants Of Tropical Storm Arthur Pix - Jul. 07, 2014

ABOVE: Several big limbs fell on Saturday by the St. Joseph's RC Church on Washington St. in Eastport -Tom McLaughlin WQDY


ABOVE: On U.S. Route 1 in Pembroke Saturday near the old  Crossroads Restaurant- Tom McLaughlin WQDY

ABOVE: This apple tree took some phone lines with it in Pembroke - Tom McLaughlin WQDY

ABOVE: Gas lines at the Pembroke Irving on Route 1 Saturday but they were the only store for miles around with working gas pumps and groceries available to serve their customers  - Tom McLaughlin WQDY

ABOVE: The wind twisted this sign at the Cornerstone Baptist Church on Saturday in Eastport- Tom McLaughlin WQDY

ABOVE: Tree on pickup truck on Saturday, Boynton St. in Eastport-Tom McLaughlin WQDY


ABOVE: Tree worker in bucket tries pulling limbs away from energized power line above the bike path near Route 1 in Perry-Tom McLaughlin WQDY

ABOVE: Line crews deal with tangle of trees and power lines Sunday morning on Clark Street in Eastport- Tom McLaughlin WQDY

ABOVE: Limbs down at Middle by Water Street Eastport Sunday-Tom McLaughlin photo

ABOVE: Uprooted tree rests on power line at the entrance to St. John's RC Church off the Hersey Road in Pembroke-Tom McLaughlin WQDY