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Suspicious Fire In Calais Under Investigation - Jul. 02, 2014

CALAIS, Maine (WQDY) -- Firefighters responded to a structure fire in a vacant mobile home on Monroe opposite Price Street.

ABOVE: Firefighter wets down embers-WQDY NEWS PHOTO

We had an individual stop by the station who said there was smoke coming from a trailer in this location. As we got going we could see the smoke so we responded for a structure fire," Fire Chief Robert Posick told WQDY NEWS.

The call came in just before 10 Wednesday morning.

Firefighters from across the border in St. Stephen also responded to the  call.

Although the fire was knocked down quickly, the temperature in Calais was in the lower 80's F and humid. Add to that all the gear firefighters must wear in order to safely perform their duties and it quickly wears them down.

ABOVE: Calais fire apparatus at scene on Monroe at Price Streets-WQDY NEWS PHOTO

Posick said the State Fire Marshal's Office was notified because "the fire was suspicious in nature."

Calais and St. Stephen have had a long-time mutual aid agreement where each community responds to the other automatically on structure fires.

ABOVE: St. Stephen firefighters prepare to return to quarters-WQDY NEWS PHOTO

"It's a good arrangement because it's automatic," Posick said.

"And it works both ways -- when we need something we don't have to ask -- and when they need something they don't have to ask. We go back and forth and we have done that for many, many years. It's a very good relationship,"