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St. Croix Valley Raises Over $23,500 To Fight Cancer - Jun. 17, 2014

CALAIS, Maine -- Fifteen Washington County teams raised well over $23,500 in cancer-fighting dollars through the 2014 St. Croix Valley Relay For Life. The twentieth annual event was held this past Saturday from noon to midnight at Washington County Community College (WCCC).

The total was still rising Monday evening as contributions continued arriving in support of the American Cancer Society.

The team from Calais Regional Hospital raised the most money this year: a whopping $4,151.  The CRH team is always one of the leading fundraisers, but this was their first time at the very top of the list.

One of two newcomer teams, the Calais Day Treatment Program "Life Savers," raised the numerically interesting amount of $3,333, a total that would have won first place in 2013. "Alexander 4 a Cure," a returning powerhouse team, raised a total of $2,500 this year.The individual who raised the most money was Anna Lozier, who raised  $1,852.

This was the first year of a new format for the Calais event: starting at noon and finishing at midnight. Response to the change was favorable from those who took part in the relay itself. Attendance was light at times this year, which was light for most Relays across the country, but the planning committee already has ideas for welcoming more people at WCCC next year.

"The money we raised makes it clear the cause still has community support," said Relay Chair Marianne Moore. "We'd love to see more attendance at the relay event itself, though. That's why we're going to keep the noon-to-midnight timeline. We'll also have more and more activities on relay day itself, like bottle drives, raffles, games, and food. That way, people who aren't able to join a team can still stop by, have fun, and be a part of the fight against cancer."

The Calais area event is one of more than 5,000 such demonstrations taking place this spring and summer across the United States and Canada, as approximately 3.5 million North Americans celebrate progress in the fight to turn back the continent's second-leading cause of death.