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Scam Alert: Fake Emails You're Being Summoned To Court - Mar. 24, 2014

Watch out for fake emails informing you that you are being summoned for a court appearance. The file attached to the fake email is actually malware.

How the scam works:  

You receive an email with the subject line "Urgent court notice." The message says that you are being summoned to appear in court: "Hereby you are notified that you have been scheduled to appear for your hearing." It provides the date, time and location of the trial... but no details.

Want to find out why you are being summoned?

The email urges you to download the attached "copy of the court notice" to find out. DON'T do it!

The attachment is malware that will infect your computer.

How to spot this scam:

-Courts do not typically summon people via email, text message or phone.
-Unless you are involved in a case and have opted into receiving email communications, courts normally communicate through mail.

-Confirm with the court. If you ever question whether you need to appear in court, call the court system to check. Search for the phone number on the web; don't call a number in the email.

-Watch out for variations. A similar scam tells victims that they missed or are being summoned for jury duty. 

-Ignore calls for immediate action. Scammers try to get you to act before you think by creating a sense of urgency. Don't fall for it.