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Controlled Burn In Eastport To Make Way For New Port Office Building - Mar. 21, 2014

EASTPORT, Maine (WQDY) -Fire crews kept a watchful eye Friday on a controlled burn near downtown.

ABOVE: Fire consumes single story home to make way for new port authority building and parking area. Entrance to Breakwater on right- WQDY NEWS PHOTO

"This is phase one of our new project for a community building, public bathrooms and a new office," said Eastport Port Authority Executive Director Chris Gardner.

Gardner told WQDY NEWS, "where this residence sits now is actually going to be the upper parking lot. We're putting in two as part of this project."

ABOVE: Structure down. Part of Eastport Breakwater visible on left, Post Office on right-WQDY NEWS PHOTO

"To start to rebuild, you have to first tear down, or in this case, burn down," said Gardner.

"We are going to try to fast-track this the best that we can. We recognize that spring is coming -- eventually -- and as such we want to be underway during the spring construction season and if all goes well, we want to have this available for the community before the 4th of July," Gardner said.