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Double Tractor-Trailer Crash Rte 9 In Crawford, No Injuries - Dec. 16, 2013

CRAWFORD, Maine (WQDY) -- Route 9 in Crawford near the Love Lake Road was down to one-lane most of Monday after a crash involving two tractor-trailer units.

Maine State Trooper Jason Fowler said there were no injuries.


"One truck went off the road, the trailer rolled over the truck stayed up and hit some trees in the woods. Cars were stopped in the roadway and the other truck came around the corner and had nowhere to go," Fowler said.

"Thank goodness he put it off in the ditch instead of taking out the cars that were sitting in the roadway," the trooper said.

One trailer split open spilling its load of sardines. Luckily, they were in cans.

Tom McLaughlin WQDY-WALZ