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Calais, Baileyville Police Conduct Probation/Bail Checks - Nov. 08, 2013

CALAIS, Maine (WQDY) - There were hard knocks on some doors around the city Friday --- all part of the recent operations begun by Calais and Baileyville police departments in dealing with the alleged sale and use of drugs in both communities.

Police are being obvious -- very obvious.

Agents of the U.S. Border Patrol travelled with Calais and Baileyville officers to several locations in Calais on Friday.

"We're doing some probation checks and bail checks as well as part of our operation," Calais Police Chief David Randall told WQDY NEWS on Friday.


"I feel if we can get some of the users scared to use because they're going to get tested or picked up, then maybe they will stop going to some of the dealers," Randall said.

At the time Randall spoke with us they had visited a few locations and had more places to check.


Some people that police were looking for were not home.

Randall said then it wasn't clear if they'd be arresting anyone, but "any negative findings will be reported to the probation officer."

"It's a long way to transport prisoners when you have to travel all the way to Machias now. We don't have dispatch --- we have to deal with that."

A few years ago, as a cost-cutting move, the city eliminated local dispatch in Calais and now dispatch services are provided by the Washington Regional Communications Center in Machias. When Calais had a local dispatcher, they could monitor the lockup at the city's police station.

The entourage of police vehicles went from one location to another Friday -- drawing lots of looks.  

ABOVE: Police arrive at the next location-WQDY NEWS PHOTO

"People are going to see this a lot. (It) definitely draws a lot of attention when you see five or six police cars pulling into a neighborhood -- everybody getting out and start going to different houses," Randall said.

As Randall stood outside one location late Friday morning, he said "we'll be leaving here and going somewhere else. It'll be a surprise."

It was obviously a surprise for someone at one of the houses that police went to on Friday morning.

Officers went in and then one came back out to a cruiser to get something and went back inside the house carrying a clipboard and a cup. Then the officer came back outside a few minutes later to retrieve a camera and then went back inside the home.

ABOVE: Police on the move Friday morning-WQDY NEWS PHOTO

"We're trying to keep everybody guessing where we're going to turn up," said Randall.

Some of these visits may be the result of tips Calais police have received on their tip line.

The tip line is not just for Calais -- in fact, any tips regarding illicit activities in surrounding communities will be handed over to either the State Police or the Washington County Sheriff's Office for further investigation. The tip line number is 454-8730.