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Calais, Baileyville Police Target Drug Dealers, Users - Oct. 10, 2013

CALAIS, MAINE - Calais Police and Baileyville Police will be working together on some new and direct drug investigation techniques in our communities. We will be working closely together to identify and establish direct and constant contact with drug dealers in our areas. We have decided to give these drug dealing suspects as much attentions as they deserve.

Calais Police Chief David Randall and Baileyville Police Chief Bob Fitzsimmons said at this time both departments are requesting your assistance in identifying locations in your neighborhoods that may be being used for the purpose of dealing and using illegal drugs. It is time for the honest , hard working and law abiding citizens to take back their neighborhoods.

"Chief Fitzsimmons and I are launching O.W.N = Operation Watch (your) Neighborhood."

"We want every citizen to take a look around their immediate neighborhoods and if they see anything out of the ordinary we would like them to report it to us. We do not care how we get the information, you can go to our Facebook pages and send us a private message or call your respective police departments, we just want your information," Chief Randall said.

The Calais Police Department has an anonymous tip line at 454-8730 all you have to do is call the number and leave your information. The information can be for Calais , Baileyville or any other area. We will make sure the information gets to the right agency.

Please help your local police departments fight drugs in your neighborhoods. Lets clean up our communities and get rid of the drug dealing criminals on our streets.