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Provincial, Federal Governments Invest In Grand Manan Projects - Sep. 12, 2013

GRAND MANAN (GNB) -- The provincial and federal governments are making a combined investment of $198,888 in infrastructure improvements to the Grand Manan Whale and Seabird Research Station and the Swallowtail Lighthouse.

Improvements to the research station include the excavation and installation of a proper basement and walls; repositioning of the new foundation; and the installation of a new roof. The Swallowtail Keepers Society is undertaking enhancements to the Swallowtail Lighthouse, an important tourism icon for Grand Manan. This project includes the construction of a boardwalk; improvements to the footbridge; the production of marketing materials; and project administration costs.

The provincial government is investing $8,000 in the research station, while the federal government, through ACOA, is providing $21,888 under the Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund. The Garfield Weston Foundation is contributing $25,000, while private donors are providing $7,939.

The provincial government is investing $60,000 in the Swallowtail Lighthouse, while the federal government is providing $109,000 under the Innovative Communities Fund. The Village of Grand Manan is contributing $20,000, while the Swallowtail Keepers Society is providing $29,100.