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Calais Police Beat- August 19-25 - Aug. 26, 2013

During the past week, Calais Police Department handled a total of 67 incidents, 3 of which were motor vehicle accidents. 

Part of daily activity at CPD includes bail checks, paper service, fingerprinting service, assisting mentally ill persons, lost & found, collecting drug intelligence,  civil assists,  911 hang-ups, responding to alarms and assisting other agencies, such as US Customs & Border Protection, Calais Fire/ Rescue, Maine State Police and Washington County Sheriff.  This week was no different and all the above complaint types were part of the work-week. 

On  August 20, a CPD Officer conducted a traffic stop on Beech St. A 37-year-old Calais woman, the operator of the vehicle, was summoned for operating after suspension and for violating conditions of release. She is scheduled to appear in Calais District Court on October 8 to answer the charges.

In the course of routine patrol, the duty officer noticed erratic operation of a motor vehicle. The vehicle came to a stop as a result of striking a utility pole and boating equipment. The operator of the vehicle, a 42-year-old Calais man, was transported to Calais Regional Hospital, and released.  He was also charged with operating under the influence and transported to Washington County Jail.  He is scheduled to appear in District Court October 8.

August 25: A 20-year-old Perry man was stopped by CPD Officer on Main St. in Calais.  During the course of the traffic stop, alcohol was discovered in the back seat. The man  was summoned for illegal transportation of liquor by a minor and is also to appear in District Court October 8. A 19-year-old Florence, AL man was identified as a passenger in the vehicle.  Officers were familiar with the subject and knew him to be on conditions of release, notably  that he not possess or use alcohol.  He was tested and summoned for violating conditions of release.  He too, is scheduled to appear in Calais District Court, October 8.

Officers continue to investigate multiple thefts.  Residents are reminded to closely watch purses, backpacks or other items containing personal information and / or cash.  Two such reports have been filed this week as well as a complaint of identity theft and remain under investigation.

Also under investigation in addition to those mentioned above are reports of Violation of Condition of Release, Criminal Threatening as well as ongoing drug sale / use investigations. 

When a person is charged with a crime, then released on bail, they sign the bail slip after being advised that any criminal conduct while released on bail, could result in immediate arrest.  This is the basis for charge titled, Violation of Condition of Release, or VCR. 

Residents are also reminded that school will be starting next week.  Little ones may be excited to return and extra caution should be used in school zones.  Also, speed in school zones is 15 mph.  This will be signified in areas surrounding the Calais Elementary School by flashing yellow lights. These lights will flash during the time that school is accepting or dismissing students. 

While there are no lights in the vicinity of the Calais High School, signage indicates school zone.  Speeding in a school zone is taken very seriously in Calais and will be enforced.

Fines for speeding in a school zone are doubled, therefore costly.  The lives of our children are certainly more valuable to us than that, so Calais Police Department encourages you to be vigilant and cautious when traveling around our City, especially in school zones.