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Calais Police Investigate Stabbing And Attempted Abduction - Aug. 06, 2013

CALAIS, Maine (WQDY) -- Calais police arrested a man in connection with a stabbing early Sunday.

Officers responded along with an ambulance to a report of a stabbing at an apartment building at 627 Main Street.

The victim, a 23-year-old male was transported to Calais Regional Hospital.

The suspect locked himself in his apartment and refused to come out.

Eventually, the suspect exited his apartment. Police arrested Patrick Gleavey, 19, of Calais, for aggravated assault. A search warrant was obtained and officers were able to collect evidence and investigate the scene.

Exactly what led to the stabbing remains under investigation.

Calais police continue to investigated an incident that occurred last Wednesday evening (July 31), when two males attempted to take a 10-year-old girl from Garfield Street. The girl managed to get away from them.

Sgt. Chris Donahue told WQDY NEWS the incident was reported to police at approximately 6:10 p.m.

The report said two males, possibly in their early 20's, were in a red or rusty colored regular cab pickup truck with Canadian plates when they approached the girl and tried to get her in the truck.

"She was able to get on her bike and get away," Donahue said. The girl was riding a bike and had stopped for a drink of water when the men approached her.

Calais police were assisted by Customs and Border Protection and the US Border Patrol. Donahue said that incident remains under investigation. If anyone has information about this incident, contact Calais police at 454-2751.

Over the past week, Calais police recorded 52 incidents. Some of those were types of assaults including a domestic and an aggravated assault. Others included alarm type calls and 911 hang ups along with reports of theft from two area businesses. Some of those incidents were cleared with someone being charged or some information that is able to be shared while other incidents remain open and are under investigation.