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Courier and Courier Weekend Score National Awards - Mar. 27, 2013

Newspapers Canada has announced a partial list of placings for the annual "Best Newspapers Competition," which names the best works of Canadian community newspapers for 2012.

The Courier and Courier Weekend and its staff have hit the list six times, including:

First place for "Best sports coverage," (Brian Mumford & Vern Faulkner, Courier) in circulation category;

First place in "Excellence in Rural Reporting" (Vern Faulkner, Courier Weekend), in circulation category;

Second place for "Best local editorial," (Vern Faulkner, Courier), in circulation category;

Third place for "Best headline writing" among all community papers in the nation;

Second place for "Best local cartoon" (Ted Michener, Courier Weekend) for newspapers of circulation up to 9,999;

Third place for "Outstanding columnist" (Vern Faulkner, Courier Weekend), among all community newspapers in Canada.

Final results for some categories (particularly the general excellence categories for the Courier/Courier Weekend) have not yet been announced.