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Driver Puts Some Of Eastport's Lights Out, Then Flees On Foot - Feb. 23, 2013

EASTPORT, Maine (WQDY NEWS) - The lights went out here early this morning after a driver plowed into a utility pole -- and fled the scene on foot.

ABOVE: Lines drape onto the road as utility crews put things back together-Tom McLaughlin WQDY NEWS PHOTO

Officer Rodney Merritt responded to County Road and Washington Street shortly after 1 a.m. when the operator of a full-size red pickup truck had hit a pole bringing electric and telephone lines down and cutting power to the most of the city.

The driver had also bailed out of the truck and fled -- and his whereabouts were not known late Saturday morning.

Eastport police impounded the truck.

ABOVE: Bashed-in front of pickup truck-Tom McLaughlin WQDY NEWS PHOTO 

The incident cut power to residents and the city's business district.

Power was restored around 11 a.m.

Barricades were put up in two places on County Road, Deep Cove Road and Washington Street where it turns on to County Road (Route 190) and an Eastport police cruiser was placed broadside across the road but it wasn't enough to deter some drivers from trying to go right through the area.

One driver smashed into one barricade right in the middle of County Road in a borrowed pickup truck.

Eastport police officer Dave Claroni put the remains of the "shorter" wood saw horse barricade back in place. 

Police continue to investigate the initial crash..