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Developer Unveils Plans For Hotel In St. Stephen - Jan. 17, 2013

ST. STEPHEN, New Brunswick  (WQDY) --Plans have been unveiled to build a five-story hotel complex on the St. Stephen waterfront.
Artist's rendition of the proposed hotel complex

Local businessman, Tom McFarlane announced Thursday that his company, Spur Line Properties Inc. had applied for affiliation with the Best Western Plus hotel organization.

The hotel will contain 90-100 rooms, some suites, a seafood-steakhouse restaurant and other amenities. It will potentially employ 30-50 full and part-time staff.. 

The hotel will be located near the edge of the St. Croix River next to the Garcelon Civic Center that is now under construction in downtown St. Stephen.

"Without a doubt if it were not for the Garcelon Civic Centre, my project would not be possible," McFarlane said.

"We all know that this community has been in great need for both projects. The reality of the Garcelon Civic Centre now under construction -- its future success is dependent on such a project as I propose -- as well, the success of my project is equally dependent on the Garcelon Civic Centre."

McFarlane thanked the fund raisers who made the civic centre a reality as well as the various communities that have supported the project  -- "Charlotte East, Charlotte West and our cross-border neighbors in the U.S."

McFarlane made the announcement Thursday afternoon before a packed Visitor Information Center in downtown St. Stephen. He was joined by a number of local, provincial and federal officials as well as representatives from the Calais, Maine area.