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The WORLD Comes To Eastport - Oct. 09, 2012

The WORLD stopped by Eastport on Tuesday..

THE WORLD at the Eastport Breakwater Tuesday morning-Tom McLaughlin WQDY NEWS PHOTO

According to its web site, The World is at 644 feet, the "largest privately-owned yacht on the planet."

The private condominium ship has an average occupancy of between 100-200 guests/residents and around 260 staff from over 40 countries.

Just before sunrise on Sunday, The WORLD sailed through Head Harbour Passage before making the turn to head toward St. Andrews, New Brunswick. Campobello Island is visible on the right-Tom McLaughlin WQDY NEWS PHOTO 

Another view of THE WORLD at the Eastport Breakwater Tuesday morning. The Quoddy Tides building visible on the left-Tom McLaughlin WQDY NEWS PHOTO